CNC - Vertical lathe

Offer details

CT 450 NCN
Delivery time
Freight basis
ex stock
Type of control
Siemens Sinumerik 840 D
Country of origin

Weight Of The Machine Ca.
110 t
Chisel slide - cross section
40 x 40 mm x mm
Feed rate
Stufenlos 1-1.000 mm / min
Faceplate Diameter
4.500 mm
Swing Diameter
5.100 mm
Cross Rail - Adjustment
3.200 mm
Faceplate Speeds I
0,4-14 RPM
Faceplate Speeds Ii
1,4-56 RPM
Max. Table load
100 t
Total Power Requirement
160 kW
Distance between faceplate and crossbar support
4.320 mm
Distance between faceplate and chisel holder
4.000 mm
Slide stroke horizontal
2.750 mm
Vertical slide stroke slide 1
2.000 mm
Vertical ram stroke ram 2
1.750 mm
Creep Feed
2/40/400 mm / min
Rapid traverse of the ram
6.000 mm / min
Feed crossbar
350 mm / min
Faceplate torque
200.000 Nm
Max. Cutting force support
50.000 / 75.000 Nm
Space requirement
11.000 x 10.200 x 11.000 mm
Right crossbar support chisel slide cross section
340 x 420 mm
Right crossbar support guide
Right crossbar support extension
2.000 mm
Right crossbar support adjustment speed
0-10.000 mm / min
Right crossbar support milling drive power
52 kW
Right crossbar support Max. Torque
2.400 Nm
Right cross beam support Max. Spindle speed
3.000 RPM
Additional information
Contour milling using transmit (e.g. circular milling)
to 0.08 mm accuracy in both directions (equal and
Counter-rotation) guaranteed
• Backlash-free milling drive (complete C-axis)
• Positioning accuracy. ± 3 arc seconds
• Positioning speed of the C-axis in milling mode at least 1000 ° / min
• Revision of the sliding linings, if necessary
• Heidenhain measuring system in the center of the faceplate
• The new main gearbox has 2 drive trains for rotating the
Equipped faceplate.
• Both drive trains are electronic for milling operation (C-axis)
braced against each other (like a large machine)

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