Cylindrical grinding machine No. 44

Offer details

600 U
Delivery time
Freight basis
ex stock
Type of control
Storage location
Mülheim an der Ruhr
Country of origin

Serial no.
Distance between center
750 mm
Distance between headstock
750 mm
Distance between tailstock
750 mm
Center height (standard)
125 mm
Height of centers by lifting work blocks head and tailstock
175 - 250 mm
Height of the middle
250 mm
Swing diameter with lifting blocks max.
350 - 500 mm
Table swivel / each side
10 °
Length for surface grinding max.
900 mm
Width for surface grinding max.
200 mm
Table speed / hydraulic
6 m / min
Dwell time of the table reversal
0 - 5 Sec
Diameter / width / hole
350/400 x 50 x 127 mm
Grinding wheel (surface grinding diameter x width x hole)
250 x 13 x 76 mm
Speeds of the grinding wheel spindle
Swiveling grinding wheel head
270 °
Cross movement of the grinding wheel head
285 mm
Quickly pulling the wheel head back and forth
40 mm
Intermittent injection for each reversal of the table
0,001 - 0,3 mm / dia
Feeding in for plunge grinding
0 - 0,9 mm / Ø
Micro-corrector of the feed, 1 division of the dial
0,001 mm / Ø
Swivel head
360 °
Working speeds continuously adjustable (normal / special)
20 - 400 / 10 - 400
Nominal distance between center
600 mm
Additional information
Nominal distance between centre 600 mm
Max. distance between centres, headstock and tailstock
projecting 750 mm
Height of centres, standard 125 mm
Height of centres by means of raising blocks for work
head-and tailstock 175 => 250 mm
Max. swing diameter with 125 mm height of centres 250 mm
Max. swing diameter with raising blocks 350 => 500 mm
Table swivels each side 10 °
Max. lenght for surface grinding (width=200 mm) 900 mm
Table speed infinitely viable by hydraulic drive, approx. .. 6 m/min
Dwell of table reversal 0 - 5 sec.
Grinding wheel for cylinrical grinding
(diameter x width x hole) 350/400x50x127m m
Grinding wheel for surface grinding diameter x width x hole 250 x 13 x 76
Speeds of grinding wheel spindle 1500/1700/2200/3600
Grinding wheel head swivels 270 °
with indexed stop each 90°
Vertical movement of grinding wheel head, height of
centres -350 mm
Cross movement of grinding wheel head 285 mm
Rapid advance and withdrawal of wheelhead 40 mm
Intermittent infeed per reversal of table 0,001-0,03 mm/dia
Infeed for plunge grinding 0-0,9 mm/dia
Micro-corrector of infeed, 1 division of dial 0,001 mm/dia
Swivel of work headstock 360 °
work speeds infinetely viable, normal/special 20-400/10-400

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